Health Report: Cut Down On Multitasking

It is a well known fact that women are good and often efficient at multitasking. Every minute of everyday your body is changing and so are your health needs. The problem is, women tend to ignore those little niggles that plague them – after all, there is work to be done right? Wrong, it’s time to stop multitasking and rather focus on one goal at a time. And your goal right now is your health.
The facts are simple: breast and cervical cancer are on the rise. In South Africa, one in 29 women is diagnosed with breast cancer annually. This is in comparison to one-in-31 statistic of 10 years ago. The World Health Organization reports that breast cancer kills around 485 000 women each year, and there is one-in-eight chance of developing breast cancer in your lifetime.
Around 20% to 30% of women with breast cancer have a family member with the disease: however, that means a good 70% of women who get breast cancer do not even have family history of the disease. These are truly scary statistics considering how many women actually think that they are safe from the disease.
Lifestyle and environmental factors play a large role in both increasing and lowering your risk of breast cancer, as this is a hormone-dependant disease. Stress, unfortunately, also plays a major role in increasing the risk. Other factors include: late onset of menopause (post 54), early puberty (your first period is before the age of 12), hormone replacement therapy, oral contraception, alcohol consumption, a diet in high saturated fats and unhealthy foods, etc.
Vigilant screening is the best way to be proactive. You are the one who knows your breasts the best. So ladies cut down on the stress increment through multitasking and take on projects one at a time.

Author: Zanele Mash
Sources: Fedhealthy Magazine

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