Sex Is Definitely Important In A Relationship

It is believed that many women have said that sex shouldn’t define a relationship. This might be true, but let it be known that sex is very much an important factor in a relationship and its growth.

In fact it’s considered a myth that a great relationship has nothing to do with sex. This type of thinking leads to intimacy erosion which is quite dangerous for the survival of a relationship. Sex is a time out from life’s pressures, rushes and busyness therefore it allows us to experience a quality level of closeness, vulnerability and sharing with our partners.

Sex might not be everything but it ranks high on the importance scale if it causes frustration within a relationship. The lack of sex within a relationship is pretty evident as both parties involved are on edge and tense which leads to unnecessary arguments over small issues being heightened.

Experimentation and compromise could go a long way to a satisfying sex life. It takes both parties to be willing to introduce the spice into their beds; a dreary sex life could also be the cause of sex being deemed “unimportant”.

Having sex as often as you can with your partner should be on the to-do list. Plan a few sessions and make sure they take place, or even better having unexpected sex could keep the fire burning. Make sex a priority along with all the other important factors of a relationship.

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