Editors Note: My Thoughts

The idea of a magazine has been one that has played a song on repeat in my mind for about two years now. Obviously not knowing anything about where to begin, I figured something online through a blog would be an initial start. To cut an extremely long story short, the birth of Outspoken Lifestyle took place.

A lot of research went into the development of this little production and I could not be any prouder of the start of something so close to my heart and mini dreams. The inspiration behind OSL was just my interest in different people and various lifestyles therefore highlighting these differences and creating a space where conversations and sharing can take place. I think I also just wanted to bring forth my ideas as well as create content on real people for real people.

I truly have a passion for writing (whether I’m good at it is still to be decided) and believe I communicate at my best through it. This lifestyle blog is purely aimed at providing entertainment, real stories, health, inspiration and fashion stories. My hope is that who ever comes across this magazine finds something that at least “talks” to them and most importantly enjoys it.

From me to you – Happy reading!

Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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