Get Up: 7 Fashion Rules To Break Now!

I think every woman believes in their own mind that they are somewhat of a “fashionista.” Some follow trends and some stick to the trusted style that works best for them. Others switch it up every once in a while and are quite versatile (I like to believe I fall under this category) with their looks.

Although we all like to believe we are doing things right, there are certain fashion myths that we have taken as gospel that seriously need to be changed. Here is a list of the 7 most common “rules” of fashion worth breaking.

Myth #1: Your shoes and bag should match

Not saying that this is a bad thing, but mix and matching accessories from time to time can truly elevate your look.
matching shoes and bag

Myth #2: No Mixing of Prints

A lot of street style is fast becoming popular and mixing of prints has never looked this good! Polka dots with stripes, leopard and paisley, it all works well within a good balance.

Myth #3: Navy & Black don’t go together

A modern and chic mix look is created from both these colours. Yes they can be mistaken for one another but let’s be honest they look pretty good together.
navy and black

Myth #4: Sequins and Metallics are for the night only

I agree that sequins and metallics can be quite overwhelming for a day look. Keeping them to a bare minimum such as a skirt, camisole or jacket, with the rest of the outfit simple then the look works perfectly.
sequin day look

Myth #5 You have to be model tall to wear long dresses and pants

Short girls can wear whatever their hearts desire, as long as they have a good tailor, maxi dresses as well as wide leg pants can be the perfect fit.
maxi-dress and short girls

Myth #6 No stockings or socks with open toe shoes

Pairing tights with peep-toes is most definitely a look. But making sure to keep the contrast going, black hosiery with silver shoes, can add to the look. The same goes for sandals and socks, the school girl riff plays well a sophisticated look.
tights with open toe shoes

Myth #7 No mixing gold and silver

Just like any other old colour mixing rule, this one is no different. The truth is that both these metallics compliment each other, whether it’s accessories or clothing.

I hope this has been a helpful and fun way to dispel myths as well as break the rules, because all girls want to do is have fun with their looks!

Author: Zanele Mash

Source: Flipboard, Harper’s Bazaar

Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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