Nutrition: Know Your Avo

Avocados have got to be the most awesome fruit to ever be grown. As an avid avo lover myself, I actually doubt that there is a person in the world who does not appreciate the yummy taste as well as the variety the fruit brings in terms of integrating it into a dish.

Avocados are high in dietary fibre, almost completely free of sodium and carry the Heart Mark, which makes them good for your health and heart. Below is a breakdown of the winter fruit according to

Fuerte: Pear shaped with a longer neck. Smooth skin stays green when ripe, but the flesh bruises easily. Season is mid to late February to early August.

Hass: Round/egg-shaped fruit with thick, green, pebbly skin that changes to purple/black when ready to eat. Once soft or shrivelled, the fruit is overripe. In season, from late May until October.

Pinkerton: This has a definite neck compared to other varieties. Has a thick green-coloured skin that stays green when ripe. Thick skinned and doesn’t dent or damage easily. Short season of two month, June and July.

Edranol: oval/pear-shaped. Has thick green skin with small cork-type speckles. Stays green when ripe, but skin can shrivel at the stem if picked too early. Season runs from June to late September.

Ryan: late season egg-shaped fruit. Slightly rough dark green skin, that stays the same colour when ripe. Short season of August to October, but late season fruit is generally available.

I hope this little bit of information is helpful and interesting.

Author: Zanele Mash
Source: Fedhealthy, May/June issue.

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One comment on “Nutrition: Know Your Avo
  1. Amy Lee says:

    Reblogged this on Westallhead and commented:
    I am obsessed with avocados… But I do get really annoyed when people write advocado. In the restaurant I work at, customers write down their own orders with a pad a pencil. Weird right? But it works! So I have to hold my tongue when they write advocado or tomatoe….

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