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Editors Note: Woman

The month of the woman is upon us and its time for us to celebrate the amazing beings we are. The 9th of August 2014 marks the commemoration of the national march of women on this day in 1956 to

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Style Alert: Bags Every Woman Should Own

A bag is one accessory that makes a woman feel like she’s walking on sunshine. Often dubbed “arm candy,” bags are truly an important feature in a woman’s life and outfit. So with all of that said, every woman should

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Healthy Report: Healthy vs. Fast Food

Healthy eating habits are a struggle for many people as it is considered an expensive way of life, what sad though is that the lifestyle of fast food is rapidly being passed down to children. The rate of obesity in

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Self Analysis: Imposter Syndrome

A lot of people have that small little voice that stems from self doubt inside them. Meaning that there’s a part of you that does not believe in your successes and doubts your abilities. These type of people are suffering

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Bedroom Decor: A Touch Of Brown

Brown is an earthy and easy colour to fuse and bring into any room in the home. It’s a colour that makes a home feel warm and comfortable as well as inviting. Most people use brown as a colour in

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Hangout: The Island Bar

This month is surely one where a girls sundowners session should be planned and enjoyed well. A relaxed afternoon that allows for easy conversations and a somber ambiance capturing the mood perfectly. The Island Bar Situated in Hyde park, Southern

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Music Quick Pick

Since we are celebrating Women’s Month, I opted for empowering songs that I love and hope you also appreciate. Obviously I start with the King! Classic and super fun! And my favourite rendition thus far from a movie I love

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