Healthy Report: Healthy vs. Fast Food

Healthy eating habits are a struggle for many people as it is considered an expensive way of life, what sad though is that the lifestyle of fast food is rapidly being passed down to children. The rate of obesity in our country, ranked the 3rd fattest nation in the world. South Africa has the highest overweight and obesity rate in sub-Saharan Africa: seven out of 10 women and four out of 10 men have significantly more body fat than what is deemed healthy, according to a groundbreaking new study published in the medical journal, the Lancet.

A study conducted by Nestle South Africa compared the cost and nutritional values of three popular meals for a family of four. The researchers found that takeaway beef burgers, chips and soft drinks cost average R221.20 for the four portions, with an incredible 4 624Kj per portion – making it the most expensive, and kilojoule-dense option. A South African firm favourite, home-cooked roast chicken, with pap and sauce and a coleslaw side salad comes in half the price, at R103,95 and 3 737,7kJ. The last meal, a healthy vegetarian butternut and pulse bake and coriander Basmati rice with a carrot side salad, costs only R72,54 to produce and it weighs 1 945,2kJ.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is crucial and extremely beneficial for a person’s health in terms of life expectancy, this is a message that needs to be better delivered to the citizens of our country who seem to be careless when they are buying food. The misconception of healthy food being expensive needs to be dispelled because in all honesty vegetables are not an expensive luxury but an affordable need. You can save money by cooking at home and preparing your meals using healthy methods like steaming and grilling instead of frying.

By: Zanele Mash
Source: Fedhealthy

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4 comments on “Healthy Report: Healthy vs. Fast Food
  1. I agree with you there. Eating healthy isn’t necessarily more expensive. I feel this idea was perpetuated by people as an excuse more than anything else. Now I do realise some people cannot access fresh food easily, but I believe these are the minority rather than the majority. It’s a shame, but when it comes to our health, as a society we tend to do what is easy, rather than what is right for us, and I’m afraid the result are pandemic levels of weight/diet related illnesses. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I just think people get lazy to cook so it is easier for them to buy takeaways and make excuses why they are inexpensive. Otherwise it is about time things change. There are a few changes that I’m seeing but it will happen slowly cause we dealing with people’s habits

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