Putting Him On A Pedestal

A good woman does everything for her man, she takes good care of him and puts his needs above hers without thinking twice. Is his appreciation evident or does he enjoy the throne his been placed on, which shoots his ego to new heights?

Do women believe that being a “good woman” entails you bending over backwards for your man and being blinded by love? Too much of a good thing is bad for you sometimes, therefore bring that man down from that pedestal!

Although women believe that they’ve found a catch and try to please his every need, consideration of how he feels must be taken into account. In most cases, the pedestal boyfriend is idolized for not what he is, but for what you think he is. In your mind you hold onto this image that your man must live up to, and in turn it becomes too much pressure on a person to meet these expectations. Besides no one is perfect! While you may think treating a man as though he were perfect, will get you girlfriend points; this can be the biggest mistake you make in the relationship.

You need to sit down and think or a second, since your meeting his every need is he returning the favor? When you place a man on a pedestal it enables him to be lazy, and he knows his presence alone is all that is required for you to feel satisfied in the relationship. So honestly, no real effort is made on his part, which eventually leads to resentment. You feel as if you’re in a one-sided relationship because the feelings you’re expressing to your partner are not being reciprocated fully.

The reason for these pedestal relationships are the lack of self worth and self love. Ultimately, these relationships result in emotional abuse because the boyfriend now knows his power over you and treats you the way you have given him reason to. Ladies it boils down to this, there will always be one person in the relationship who has stronger feelings for their partner, but just make sure it’s not You! I know in an ideal world both partners would have equal feelings for each other, however this is rarely the case. I know we women are natural nurturers and caregivers, but don’t over extend yourself more then you have to.

By: Zanele Mash

Source: http://www.blissedoutbelle.com


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