Women And Low Self Esteem

Every single woman is designed and put together differently. And most times in a group of ladies, there a lot of social and life pressures that many choose to ignore. Women are “pleasers” whether we like to admit it or not. It is important for every woman to make sure they know themselves first and have their self esteem in check before entering any type of relationship.

“Low self esteem is when an individual is not confident of one’s self and feels inferior constantly looking for approval from everyone else but him/herself.” It can make you test or sabotage relationships that have potential, or settle for relationships in which you’re treated in a way that matches your beliefs about yourself.

Constantly seeking approval from people when it’s not necessary is a symptom of low self esteem. It is especially hard for women in their teenage years because that’s when the need to be “seen” grows more. But it has also become prominent in older women as well in terms of trying to please a group of friends/colleagues/family members who may seem like have everything you ever wanted. You start to question yourself on your own achievements and their worth. An inferior complex starts to manifest where you start to believe you’re invisible and are unable to shine, your useless and can’t do anything.

That is why it is important to teach girls from a young age that who they are is enough. They don’t need to feel like they have to please anyone first but themselves. This being done ensures that these girls grow into confident women who believe in themselves wholly.

I would say that fear also plays a huge role in a woman who aspires to so much but has a low self esteem. Women need to realize that self love and appreciation is key to attracting the right people in your life, who won’t make you feel small or incompetent but instead will encourage and lift you.

By: Zanele Mash

Source: Wikipedia

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