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The Girls: Is There Such A Thing As Healthy Competition?

Competition is in all of us, but in women it is a push for progress or is it fuel for jealousy? Women are the biggest critics of each other, so much so that we are in competition over everything. Women

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Things Every Woman Should Not Have In Her Home

Growing up is hard but also quite awesome! Having a place to call your own means you get to decorate not just one room, but the entire place (no matter how small it may be). Being able to be creative

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Beyonce’s Hair Evolution: What We Hated, Not Sure Of And Absolutely Loved!

We all grew up seeing her change as the years went on by. From video to video Bey never looked the same! We loved it and even tried it, she could never do no wrong BUT… Her hairstyles have not

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Hangout: The Blades

Spring is in the air and it’s time for picnics and sexy weekends away! While sitting at work, a friend was planning a little something for herself and her man and that’s how I got to know of this place.

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Does Your Mom Really Need To Know Everything?

For girls growing up, our moms are truly our first best friends. Mom is usually the first person to talk to about relationships (if you have a close relationship with her firstly). Mom gives advice on any and everything your

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