Fashion: 11 Things Every Fashionable Woman Should Have By 30

Your 20’s are a time for style, career and love experimentation, but when a woman enters her 30s she should have a certain number of things that represent her uniquely.

A Classic Shoe
Whether your a girl whose about her heels or love a cute flat, having a go to show that’s versatile and adorable is a must.

A Great Suit
Even if you are in the creative field, a nice tailored suit that has a fitted look especially for you is something to have for a professional chic look should a need for one arise.

A a Signature Flower
This is great for people to know about. For recognition of your events, or what to send you as a thank you and I love you token.

A Beautiful TimePiece
One to save up for, having a great watch is a lifetime piece and worth passing up fashion trends for.

A Go-To Lip Colour
These are the things that make a woman memorable. You don’t have to wear it everyday but having a distinct colour/shade associated with you is awesome!

A Personal Scent
You may not be a fragrance girl, so this can range from a body lotion, perfume or even body wash that’s perfectly you.

Jewelry You Never Take Off
Choose a future Heirloom and make it count.

Original Art You Love
This could be a photograph you love and found at a vintage store, filling your home with pieces you love will keep you happy.

A Forever Bag
Invest in something that will never go out of style.

A Killer Winter Coat

Between a bold and neutral colour, a go-to coat for winter is an absolute must purchase. Something that will remain timeless year in and out.

The Perfect Little Black Dress

A trusted black dress is every girls “saving grace.” Sometimes having that one dress to rely on for any event is recommended.

All the above simply suggests that a lady should exude uniqueness all the time, we are different so show it.

By: Zanele Mash

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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