From Him To Her: The Ex Factor

Men find it hard to accept that his lady could still be friends with her ex. In their explanation as to why it can’t be, they claim they are guys and know that it’s not only a friendship the ex wants but that there are ulterior motives behind the ongoing connection.

Relationships should begin with discussions in place of what flies and what doesn’t when exes are involved. Some women choose to remain friends with their exes and bring it over into their new relationships, leaving her man basically with no option to object this choice.

Men say that male friends are a problem in general to relationships. An ex is an even bigger threat because he will always know your girlfriend better in some or other way, making it easier for her to confide in the ex. Most men believe that their lady seek external validation and to a certain extent try to emotionally persuade them through their friendships with their exes.

It is more than ok to have friends within a relationship but they need to be friends both of you can trust. They need to be people who completely respect the boundaries of your relationship and who know better than to mess with it. They must be of integrity or they need to go.

By: Zanele Mash



Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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