Healthy Report: Things You Didn’t a Know About Headaches

Everyone responds to a headache differently. For one, I just pop a painkiller and hope for the best after that. Some people prefer to drink lots of water and feel much better there after, others prefer sleeping it off.

There definitely isn’t a correct way to chasing a headache away but some methods mentioned have worked very well for some people and they swear by them. The best solution though is to go see the doctor, irrespective of the intensity of the headache.

Although there are probably hundreds of different headaches, they all fall under three groups.

Tension Headache:
These are usually stress-related, involve tense face and neck muscles.

Vascular Headache:
Includes cluster headaches and migraines.

Health Condition Headache:
Sinus inflicted headaches.

We can’t really be sure sometimes what causes headaches. There’s a variety of things that should be taken into consideration that could relate to or cause headaches.

What you eat matters

Avoiding certain foods could help. Things like aged cheese, chocolate, alcohol and cured meats. Another common trigger is skipping breakfast or lunch, it’s best to try and eat same time everyday and not skip meals.

Even the weather affects your brain

Weather changes can trigger headaches in some people which may be linked to the barometric pressure fluctuations.

There’s a fine line between too much and too little sleep

Skimping on some shut eye can lead to headaches, but so can oversleeping. Due to an interruption in sleep patterns most people get weekend migraines. To get the rest you need, stick to a regular bedtime. Avoid heavy meals before sleep-time, tv and cellphones.

Stress hurts too

Huge projects and deadlines that we work related are also headache triggers.

How you sit at your desk can play a big part

Poor posture and slumping can be a trigger too. Squinting at your computer over exerts the muscles around your eyes and throughout your head. Make sure your a comfortable distance from your computer.

You can blame your periods

Women’s hormone levels vary throughout their cycle which could trigger menstrual and premenstrual migraines or tension headaches. You can also blame the pill, when your taking oral contraceptives. Your body becomes used to high levels of estrogen during the first three weeks of your cycle then must readjust on the last week. The drop could trigger headaches. A change in pills could stabilize your hormones and eliminate headaches.

Other drugs may be a problem

A lot of medication state headaches as a side effect, surprisingly some pain killers do too. Be careful not to be too dependent on pain killers.

When to get help

Stop self treating and go see a doctor when your headaches:

Interrupt your work or social life
Occur daily or almost daily
Are related to physical or sexual activity
Are accompanied by tingling or weakness (like in your hands) , double vision or any other neurological symptoms
Cause you to take over the counter medication (daily)

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