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Should Women Shave Their Legs and Under-Arms?

Spring season basically means that hygiene is important as as it’s warmer and every one is more prone to sweating, whether we like it or not. So ladies for us its more like a staple in our lives to shave

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Editors Note: Colour

The weather has not been playing nice at all this year. Every other day we are thrown back into winter like it never even left! I have to say though that when Spring decides to show up it leaves us

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Health: NEAT!

How often do you wonder why your sick because you eat right and take care of yourself? Who knew that sitting put would be a cause of illness? Physical inactivity is one of the biggest contributors to lifestyle or non-communicable

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Trend Alert: Spring In White

Spring is a season that people can go wild colour wise, therefore bright colours are the order for the entire season. Nothing makes me happier than being dressed in white. It’s like some sort of out of body experience and

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Masturbation.. Still Taboo?

Assuming we are living in a time where nothing can be considered taboo anymore, I wonder if women fit in a conversation about self pleasure. Is it still embarrassing to mention that you touch yourself? Or is it something you

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The Girls: Are You A Territorial Friend?

Friendships are the most precious relationships a woman has after family. We all have that one person we click with from the first time you meet and they become what we call a best friend. A person who is there

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White Men, Yay or Nay?”

Walking around in mall it’s almost common to see an interracial couple walking by hand in hand. The most common ones we see with regards to white and black people are a black man with a white lady. There have

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