Editors Note: Colour

The weather has not been playing nice at all this year. Every other day we are thrown back into winter like it never even left! I have to say though that when Spring decides to show up it leaves us all happy that’s for sure. This issue was one that I had to think about for quite some time because basically I also wanted answers to the articles within. I made a conscious decision to ask questions that I knew wouldn’t be so easy for women to answer, and that,s the whole point of this magazine I realized. I need to ask for opinions and give mine with whatever comes to mind or is regarded “taboo” still by society.

Communication is considered to come easy for women because lets face it, we cant stop talking! But what are talking about? Are we growing, benefiting or learning from the topics we bring up in conversations. Is there still reservation in being completely honest with your girls about sexuality? I’ve learnt that I am quite the reservist when it comes to sexual talk, yes I’m intrigued but never will raise the subject, who knew? But I do have a friend who will explain in detail what she feels and does to her man sexually, that type of openness i want to achieve. We shouldn’t be ashamed to express ourselves, we need to bloom wholly this season.

This is also a season to embrace all brightness! Add some colour to your outfits when you step out, the brighter the more radiant you become. Taking care of yourself through winter should be evident in this season because a glow is a must.

Love & Lashes!


Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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