Masturbation.. Still Taboo?

Assuming we are living in a time where nothing can be considered taboo anymore, I wonder if women fit in a conversation about self pleasure. Is it still embarrassing to mention that you touch yourself? Or is it something you do in secret hoping no one ever finds out?

As we see on television in movies, it’s usually the white females who are more open to sex toys and often own dildos. Are black women more on the reserved side of this “lifestyle situation?” Are we sitting down with our girls and talking about this healthy way of keeping ourselves satisfied sexually when your partner is unavailable? Do we feel ashamed to en raise this topic?

Self pleasure is a sure way for every woman to make sure they get maximum satisfaction. No one knows your body better than you, therefore discovering what makes you reach that climax during sex is essential for a satisfactory sex life. Making time for some self loving could be the best decision ever for your health.

As a beginner your probably wondering where to even start right? Well it’s not rocket science really, there are basic tips to get one started. It all begins with the mind ladies, seduce yourself. This means a nice calm set up with scents and music in the background. Get yourself in that sexy mood by envisioning a situation that turns you on and make sure you don’t judge yourself for it. And for those that don’t mind it – Porn is a great way to arouse yourself. Next step is a nice full body massage, performed by yourself obviously. Touch yourself in ways and places that you know for a fact will raise your temperature. Focus mostly on your turn up points such as your neck, naval and thighs. Now ladies the magic moment comes into play, there’s a g-spot you’ve always known of or need to discover, this section would be that time.
And like every other sex session, switch up positions to make sure you enjoy it fully. Stand up or kneel down, sit in a comfortable chair, see where I’m going with this? Take your time to make sure maximum pleasure.

A woman who takes ownership and pride in their own sexuality is more likely to have fun in their sex lives. Masturbation is a personal healthy choice that women should claim with pride.

Is this a conversation you would begin with your friends?

By: Zanele Mash


Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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3 comments on “Masturbation.. Still Taboo?
  1. Mercia Mcunu says:

    Next lunch with the girls. This topic is definitely coming up

  2. xolani says:


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