Should Women Shave Their Legs and Under-Arms?

Spring season basically means that hygiene is important as as it’s warmer and every one is more prone to sweating, whether we like it or not. So ladies for us its more like a staple in our lives to shave right? I mean it’s not the best of looks to be waving and unsightly fur yells hello from under your arm, embarrassing much?

waxing, shaving, plucking and threading – most women go through the torture. But there’s one way to find out whether you genuinely want to – give up the razor for a week or two. Is this all personal or is society once again putting women under pressure about their appearance? Why are we so judgmental about a personal choice that someone else has made regarding their hair? Is shaving right and not shaving horrific?

Why exactly is being hairless such an issue? Apparently it’s more attractive according to guys, so we are basically shaving for men? How many women are dating a hairy man? Why don’t men ever fret about such things and just go on with their hairy lives but we cant? There is no reason at all that women should be expected to shave their legs and under arms and men not. Yet the link between femininity and hairlessness is so strong that even the most well-intentioned feminist can flinch at seeing photos of hairy legs and pits.

Like most women in the western world, I have spent a significant portion of my teenage life torturing every single hair on my body, from those on my head (blow-drying, curling, straightening and plaiting) to those elsewhere. It’s a beauty standard that’s been put into our heads from a very young age by society that being hairless is being a lady. There are more important things women should worry about than whether its right or wrong to shave.

It’s a personal choice that should not be dictated to anyone. The choice to shave should be something you want to do and not because you feel like your disgusting to the next person.

By: Zanele Mash

Source: The Guardian, Flipboard

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One comment on “Should Women Shave Their Legs and Under-Arms?
  1. Aanisah Peck says:

    lol I love it ❤ hehe

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