The Girls: Are You A Territorial Friend?

Friendships are the most precious relationships a woman has after family. We all have that one person we click with from the first time you meet and they become what we call a best friend. A person who is there through every life challenge and experience that you know will never let you down but will be upfront with you when need be.

There comes a time where your friendship circle grows and new people start to come in. You meet someone else you click with and must introduce to your best friend. Now this is where you find out if your a territorial friend.
You introduce two of your friends who don’t know each other and then they hit it off, how does that truly make you feel? Your two favorite people start planning lunches without you, do you find yourself questioning, “what’s happening here?” Does it feel like your losing your Besty? Does it go as far as deep down feeling some sort of regret introducing them?

A lot of girls will not admit to this as they feel like they will be judged and labelled as jealous, bossy, dramatic or immature. To a certain extent they will agree to this but not when it comes to their best friend. It’s hard watching your best friend slowly having a friendship with someone else that’s similar to what you guys have.

Being territorial is not something you easily switch on and off, it comes when you least expect. Friendships for girls are a sisterhood bond that takes time to establish, when a threat is posed emotions peak. Can you truly blame someone for being territorial over something they began and built?

So are you territorial or chilled about having one big friendly circle.

By: Zanele Mash

Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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2 comments on “The Girls: Are You A Territorial Friend?
  1. Aanisah Peck says:

    love this months October articles Zan!! keep up the good work

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