White Men, Yay or Nay?”

Walking around in mall it’s almost common to see an interracial couple walking by hand in hand. The most common ones we see with regards to white and black people are a black man with a white lady. There have been outrage cases in the US regarding this phenomenon as black women feel that white women take all the “good” black men.

On a lighter note, are black women in our circles open to dating white men? How many of your girlfriends would actually give an interracial relationship a try? It’s truly funny how we all swoon at white men in movies but would we really date them in real life?

It seems there’s one particular thing that makes black ladies open to white men, which somehow makes it ok to give them a chance, his physical appearance.

Looks, some white dudes are too hot for words. As much as we all know that most white people have sharp features, some are blessed with that amazing bone structure.

Most black ladies prefer the dark haired guys, blondes aren’t that popular. And his skin tone must not be too pale, a nice tanned white man will do.

A white man with style is just too attractive. Dressed neatly and clean is an absolute turn on. Metrosexual on a white man always works, obviously with a dash of style.

A killer smile pulls any woman in. That boyish smile with beautiful teeth can leave any woman floating.

A well toned body screams “take me now!” A white guy with broad shoulders, six pack and toned legs is just enough.

The physical attraction is of top priority when looking outside your race, apparently. Meaning his white, but is he a good looking white dude? On the other hand, some black ladies just truly don’t feel the whole white guy thing. They prefer what they know and are used to. It’s a matter of different strokes for different folks basically. The above just looks at the physiological criteria of dating a white man. The question then becomes, do black women only give a white guy a chance only if his cute?

What other characteristics set white men apart and appealing? Is their skin Colour a turn off or a turn on? What is your view on white men?

By: Zanelle Mash

Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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One comment on “White Men, Yay or Nay?”
  1. Leonilde says:

    In my opinion, as a black girl, white men are gorgeous!! Especially green-eyed white men…
    I had several interracial relationships, tried dating black guys ( that didn’t turn out to be so good ) and now who knows? Maybe it’s time to get back in the white men zone….

    But seriously they are GORGEOUS!!! So it\s yay for me.

    Daughter of God

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