Are You Making The Right Decisions With Your Decor?

The first thing people notice when walking into a home is the interior decor. We often want to determine if the personal style resonates the home style. It’s natural for anyone want their home to look good but also be homely and inviting. No one wants to get to a house that looks too prim and proper and be stumped on weather to sit or even step on the perfect floors. There are common errors that are made when interior decorating to avoid.

The looks-great but feels uncomfortable piece of furniture

The decor world equivalent to the stiletto heel, beautiful but so impractical. It ultimately teaches you that no matter how good looking something is, if you can’t walk, sit, relax on it then it’s not for you.

The overly trendy piece

It looked really amazing in the store window and in the magazine but in your home it just clashed with everything else. The best thing to do when following trends is to stick to things that will look good in your home.

The wall Colour you didn’t test and promptly looked off

There’s nothing like painting your entire living room an avocado green then realizing with your wall texture and lighting its a complete disaster and looks nothing like it does on the can. Test out colours before going ahead.

The “Dream Lifestyle” purchase

The oversized table when you never entertain, or the large tv in your living room when all you do is read in there. Buying for your the lifestyle you have now is better than buying for what you think you might have one day.

The quick fix

There’s a reason why they say “buy the best and only cry once.” Buying a cheap chair for it to break a year later is not something you an keep doing year after year.

The disastrous DIY

Everything on Pinterest looks perfect and easy to make, don’t take up diy projects when you know your not crafty leave it for the experts.

The clichè Art

You just needed something hanging on the wall that everyone has right? Wrong! Put up a meaningful and unique piece.

The ambitiously white item

You didn’t weigh all the things your love like chocolate, desserts and red wine when you bought this item. Unless you enjoy constant cleaning or being super careful then by all means indulge.

By: Zanele Mash


Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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