Body Talk – Firm Or That Lil’ Jiggle In Your Step?

Women’s bodies are a creative art form that is undeniably awesome! Now this means it doesn’t matter what size you are, you are simply gorgeous. Until a couple of years ago having some junk in your trunk was only for the black ladies, now thanks to plastic surgery everyone can have a booty.

There’s a sense of pride in having a somewhat protruding natural booty now and as a woman with a derrière I couldn’t be any happier that some acknowledgement is given finally. But what’s becoming interesting is the different types, firmness and flexibility of the booty. Does this really matter and what’s socially acceptable?

Men have had their say on how they feel a woman’s bum should be like, they are quite descriptive actually. But what kind of booty makes a woman happy? Are women conforming to what men want these days, the whole squat phenomenon is it for our own happiness or to please that male fantasy.

Firstly, a firm butt is confirmed to look great. Toned and fit is the goal when doing squats, they make the booty look awesome in everything you wear from that lovely pair of jeans or sexy bikini. Obviously this is the more socially acceptable type of booty, everyone just loves it and it apparently makes the body seem healthier. Kenya Moore has this type of butt and we can agree it suits her. But the firm booty could come off a bit tough and totally fake sometimes because it just sits in one place unmoved.

The jiggle butt has more negativity surrounding it. It’s considered the “fat” bum irrespective of size, also unacceptable to some as they feel it comes with Cellulite and lumps. There’s actually a range of jiggle and many men like a nice soft butt to hold on to. Women on the other hand, feel like a jiggle butt is what’s natural and should be. Society has a totally different view on this type, as it’s considered unhealthy and unattractive due to its structure and placement.

It all comes down to accepting a living with your own personal choice on your booty. Society often places women in situations that they aren’t comfortable in to feel accepted. My view is that women should let other women deal and live with their own body images.

By: Zanele Mash


Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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