Dating: The Younger The Better..Really?

Young men and older women. This is not some new trend but seemingly something that’s happening on the rise. Older women seem to find comfort in dating a younger man for all types of different reasons.
It’s not easy though because society weighs in all the time into these situations. All types of names are thrown round to judge and alienate older women for making the choice to date younger men.

So the question then becomes, “What is appealing about younger men?” Well, they make you feel young and vibrant. Not forgetting the sexual aspect of course, young men in their early 20s are in their sexual prime. But besides the feel good advantages, come the not so awesome side.

Maturity plays a huge role in relationships and some of these young men aren’t really ready to deal with a mature woman or relationship. His looks and vitality may make you feel young and energetic, but if he can’t keep up with you with intellectual conversations then with time that’s a problem.

So what age gap is acceptable for society or for a woman’s sanity? Is a 10year age gap too much? Does age matter in this day and age? A lot of young men these days do look older than what they really are, are older women fooled by this? At what point in the relationship do you ask for his age ladies? So many questions, and probably too many different answers.

It is evident that this is something that’s surely becoming a norm, just unfortunate that judgement will always be around. Stella got her groove back so why can’t any other woman do the same?

By: Zanele Mash


Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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2 comments on “Dating: The Younger The Better..Really?
  1. ptsotetsi says:

    LOL! @ how Stella got her groove back

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