Lip Action

Kissing is one of those acts of affection that most people love doing above everything else. When you first meet someone, looking at him there’s that curiosity of if he kisses as good as he looks right? I mean we all have had that super bad kiss and that absolutely amazing one, so at a certain point in life one can tell how they like being kissed and what they won’t tolerate.

Preference enables a person to determine what their strengths are and move forward with them. Kissing is something that has many types, allowing a person to perfect their type and be a boss at it.

There’s a variety of kisses, it could be very fun trying them all out with your partner. The list below comprises of the names of the different kisses as well as their meanings.

The Forehead Kiss

This kiss is usually the friendly one, although sometimes given in the beginning of a relationship as a sign of affection.

The French Kiss

The most popular and romantic kiss of all. Obviously the use of tongue is standard here, very easy to execute but takes a while to master.

The Eskimo Kiss

Mostly used by parents and children as a form of affection. Includes the rubbing of noses, very cute actually.

The Single-Lip Kiss

The sexiest kiss between partners. Involves the soft sucking of your partners lip, sends a strong affection message.

The Earlobe Kiss

Also one of those mood setting kisses. Gently placing your partners earlobe in your mouth and working it with your mouth and tongue.

The Upside Down Kiss

Popularly known as the spider man kiss. Basically kissing your partner with only one of your heads upside down. It is indeed a special kiss.

Lingering Lip Kiss

The tongue can be safely tucked away when it comes to this kiss. Closed mouth kiss that lasts longer than 20 seconds, usually seen as the deep love indicator.

The Secret Message Kiss

Basically the French kiss with a twist. Very playful but also a way to send a romantic message to your partner by spelling it out during your kiss.

The Lizzard Kiss

This is a fun and playful kiss. Sticking out your tongue during a kiss in quick strokes.

There are plenty more kisses out there that people invent everyday. Kissing should be experimental and fun for couples to do. It’s an intimate act that is enjoyable when done right.

By: Zanele Mash


Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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