Taking His Last Name – Necessary?

Amal Alamuddin got married to George Clooney a couple of weeks ago and made the decision to take up his last name. In Hollywood it’s rare that this happens, as unusual as this case may seem it’s actually very refreshing to see.

Traditionally when it comes to marriage a lot of cultures insist on the bride taking her grooms last name. With modern times though, women choose to keep their maiden names or opt for a hyphenated surname. Debates have gone on from both genders about the meaning behind a woman changing her last name, some are for and others are against.

Many women are against a last name change because they feel that their identity is being compromised. In a feminist twist, most women believe that it shouldn’t be such a big deal and men must understand the changing times. The reasons given for a lady changing her last name are totally not convincing as well, if it’s such an important matter why don’t men sacrifice their surname for their wife’s? There are men though who feel that its a woman’s choice and it doesn’t put any doubt in their minds about the level of the commitment. Some guys have mentioned that they want to have daughters who will keep their last names after marriage.

On the other hand, men feel like it’s an insult to refuse to use his surname. Most feel that marriage is a team therefore they should share the same last name to show commitment. A woman who keeps her last name is putting herself first before the relationship and it’s selfish. They also feel that a woman should feel proud about joining his family and that comes with taking his last name. There are women who actually still feel that in 2014, a woman must change her name. In the case of children being born, they will without a doubt take their fathers name and it’s only fair to not confuse the kids with different surnames from mom and dad.

Ultimately it’s a decision taken by a couple and what they would feel comfortable with. A surname bears a lot of pride, wether you choose to change yours or stick with it remember to represent it well.

By: Zanele Mash

Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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