Health: 11 Things You Should Tell Your Gynae

I’m extremely private and shy when it comes to sexual talk. And I realized that after my pregnancy I actually started feeling a bit more open since my gynae (like every other) is quite blunt and straight forward. So these days I read a lot more on women’s health just to make sure that I’m on top of any slight change in the normal. Something’s are embarrassing to even whisper to a bestfriend, but best believe your gynae won’t judge and probably has great advice on your vaginal health.

Found the following with regards to being explicit to your gynae about.

How many sexual partners you’ve had

Although this is particularly not something you’d scream from the rooftop, informing your gynae even if they don’t ask is important for more individualized healthcare.

If You’ve had unprotected sex

You slipped up that one time and you recieved your period so your in the clear right? Wrong, some STDs like chlamydia are symptomless and some are dormant till later on like HPV. So honestly is crucial.

If your not able to orgasm

Your gynae often knows what your dealing with so should you have any sexual dysfunction then they can help and also pick up if there’s a health issues that’s causing this issue.

If you occasionally bleed after sex

If it’s once after rough sex then you don’t need to worry. But if it’s more than once then you should let your gynae know. Bleeding after sex could signify a number of things such as dryness problem to a precancerous cervical issue. It’s better to be safe than embarrassed.

If your period has been wonky lately

Even if your sure your not pregnant, a change in your period should be brought up. It could mean a lot of things such as a cyst, an infection or hormonal imbalances.

If sex is painful

No need to be shy, your gynae can probably help you. This could be dryness or a slight tilt of your uterus. Could also be a birth control side effect.

Waht medication or supplements your taking

Extremely important on so many levels. Let your gynae know exactly what your taking, even herbal supplements have contraindications.

If you’ve been sexually abused
Gynaes are always willing to listen when your looking for an ear to listen, advice and have worries about your health after the tragedy.

If you notice a funky smell

This is usually a sign of an infection or pH imbalance which your gynae can treat.

What your thinking about pregnancy and fertility

This is not something you bring up because you’ve hit a roadblock. Trust that your gynae can help and advice you on how to go about getting pregnant, not getting pregnant and preserving fertility.

If your sleep and your periods have been off lately

For a woman in her forties then it’s probably pre-menopause. Although unlikely in younger women, tell your gynae and find out what’s wrong.

By: Zanele Mash

Sources: Flipboard, Women’s Health

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