Is Kissing Someone Else Cheating?

There are different kinds of cheating as well as degrees to those types, but strangely a lot of people don’t regard kissing as cheating. The argument that many people make is that a one time kiss does not qualify as cheating, so does this mean it must be an ongoing thing for it to be deemed cheating?

Kissing is an emotional component of relationships and can be seen as the second most major thing that cant be done outside an exclusive set up. It is also not something you can claim was a mistake whatsoever, basically someone cant fall onto your lips. We all know that doing something that’s relationship bound with someone who isn’t in a relationship with you automatically should make you feel some kind of guilt.

Women take kissing seriously and to hear your man confess to locking lips with someone else is trust shattering and makes one overly conscious of their own kissing abilities, which leads to totally dismissing the indiscretion and low self esteem build up. Some men do believe that a kiss is the first step to kissing. I personally think that you just don’t do what you wouldn’t want your partner doing.

Kissing, like sex, is something shared with emotion between two people who are expressing their feelings towards each other. Although it is something fun to do, taking it overboard with kissing every idiot out there is bad for your image.

What’s your take on the kissing cheat?

by: Zanele Mash

Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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