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A Reminder For You Ladies: 20 Things Every Woman With A Vagina Should Know

It’s easy to assume that every woman knows what’s going on down there, meaning their vagina. We all seem to understand the tit bits that are part and parcel of the “flower” and well we can never learn enough right?

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Dating: The Younger The Better..Really?

Young men and older women. This is not some new trend but seemingly something that’s happening on the rise. Older women seem to find comfort in dating a younger man for all types of different reasons. It’s not easy though

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Selfie Perfection

We all like that little moment of self indulgence when a selfie you posted has a high number of likes which leads to more followers. But have you noticed that not all your selfies get attention? That just means that

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Body Talk – Firm Or That Lil’ Jiggle In Your Step?

Women’s bodies are a creative art form that is undeniably awesome! Now this means it doesn’t matter what size you are, you are simply gorgeous. Until a couple of years ago having some junk in your trunk was only for

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The Girls: Is It Ever Ok To Date Your Friends Ex?

True friends know which boundaries they shouldn’t cross when it comes to friendship. Not everyone agrees on the subject of dating your friends ex, is it reasonable to ask your friend to not date someone you were once involved with?

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Taking His Last Name – Necessary?

Amal Alamuddin got married to George Clooney a couple of weeks ago and made the decision to take up his last name. In Hollywood it’s rare that this happens, as unusual as this case may seem it’s actually very refreshing

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Trend: Print Mania!

Seems summer is bringing out all types of print this year. I’m not a huge fan of any prints if they aren’t animal but lately I can’t get over tribal inspired and flower pattern prints. What’s great is that pants

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