Fashion Statement Or Nah?

This past weekend Channel O brought us the Music Video Awards. These events are a call for celebrities to wild out on their outfits.

Two ladies (Denise Zimba and Pam Andrews) in particular have caught the medias eye with their somewhat revealing dresses, that have gotten both bad and good reviews. Both ladies went sheer in black, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Social media is a place where people will voice their honest opinions on everything whether you want it or not. So a few people felt that Denise and Pam have the bodies for these dresses so why not flaunt it? And other people felt it was totally unnecessary and have called these ladies attention seekers. Denise faced the scrutiny of wearing the wrong underwear for the dress where as Pam went without any at all.

The question is, why was it a glamorized fashion statement that Rihanna wore a revealing dress a few months ago but we come down hard when South African celebs do it?

By: Zanele Mash

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Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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