Health: Said To Be Unhealthy But Not Really

Forbidden food is always the awesomest right? I mean how many times are we told to watch what we eat and told what not to eat? Well apparently most of the food that’s deemed unhealthy is actually not that bad for you.

White potatoes
Potatoes are a good source of vitamins B6 and C, fiber as well if not peeled. Roast wedges are no match to fries but they are a healthier option if your serious about a healthy lifestyle.

Peanut Butter
We all know that peanut butter contains a lot of oil, believe it or not these natural oils are good for you.

In small amounts butter isn’t all that bad unlike margarine which is higher in bad cholesterol levels. So indulge should a recipe ask for butter but be on top of how much you take in.

Our bodies turn sugar into glucose which is fuel for every cell we have. Usually associated with food that have low nutritional value like pastries and candy. Watching your portions and having sugarful desserts on special occasions is acceptable for weight watchers.

Hot chocolate
Cocoa is good for fending off disease therefore making it good for us. Processed milk and syrups on the other hand isn’t all so good. So enjoy hot chocolate the healthy way by heating soy or low fat milk then add sugar or honey for taste.

Some pizza now and then is no train smash. Infact opt for a thinner base, add more veggies and lower the cheese, boom you’ve got a balanced meal!

Known to be one of the healthy snacks to enjoy, popcorn isn’t bad at all. Ok, maybe the stuff at the movies is bathed in salt then you also add some flavored salt ontop which makes its pretty unhealthy. Best thing to do is make your own microwave popcorn.

Sports drinks
Sports drinks are grouped with sodas and other sugary drinks because they do contain calories that are weight increasing. But there’s a reason why they are for when you work out, they provide the body with what it needs during and post a gym session.

As long as you focus on whole grain then your safe. Even though carbs have a bad rep, whole grain is good for the digestive system as well as immunity.

A mix of regular and low fat dairy is apparently good for your blood pressure.

Regular salad dressing
Full of good oils like olive, sunflower or grape seed then full fat salad dressing is actually good combined with the rest of the salad. Avoid the creamy ones they are mayonnaise and cream infused.

Indulging from this day forward, in proportion ofcourse.

By: Zanele Mash

Source: Harpers Bazaar,

Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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