PDA – For Or Against?

A young white couple holds hands in the mall like it ain’t no thang and well it’s nothing new really, but how many black couples hold hands in the mall close to home?

The fear of running into a lady from your street or your parents friends is one thing that ultimately drives black couples to not even dare any PDA. Of course new age kids do it but I’m talking about the 80s generation now. Is PDA a bad thing or just not a thing? Ok so holding hands is not frowned upon, it’s become quite casual. The kissing and body touching is something else.

Declarations of love come in all forms and PDA has formed part of it. Is it ok to say that there are something’s that are “acceptable” to do in public affectionately and then there’s the totally x-rated stuff? Is it a matter of respecting everyone else around you in public? Or do you just not care what people think and you love loving on your person every and anywhere you are?

Some people are actually good at PDA and some just down right make it a horror fest! Then again each to their own.

By: Zanele Mash

Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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