Would You Marry For Money, Let’s Be Honest?

A lovely home in the suburbs, a cute car, lunches with the ladies at a hotel or restaurant in Rosebank or Hydepark are the goals young women want to achieve. Financial stability and security are a priority in a woman’s life therefore it’s important that we put this together in order to achieve the above mentioned. But what is the cost of that lifestyle when your future looks bleak?

Women are independent these days and there’s no doubt that we can pretty much maintain our lifestyles in all the forms they come in. But how many women are working, how many have really good jobs that allow them to splurge and how many can say they are content with no debt? Not a lot unfortunately, most women are looking for that financial standard i the men they date.

Yes gold diggers exist as we all know, then there’s the strategic woman who basically secures her future through a well off man. What’s the difference? Well gold diggers live for the moment, this other woman lives for the future. Ultimately the end goal is marriage and a portion of his stake, ensuring your savings account is stable no matter what is the optimum goal.

Judgement gets passed down to women who are in relationships for the benefits but in this age of ours who can really say they are going to date a man with nothing? Yes there’s those “if he has vision” women who claim they would but does his vision give you stability and security? Even though women can make their own money, who says that those very same women don’t want a man who can take care of them?

As much as we don’t and won’t admit it, we all want a man who is financially alright and can share that finance. It’s not greed it’s a survival characteristic that every human being has.

By: Zanele Mash

Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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