The Girls: Sit Down And Confess?

A group of girls is always a tricky situation. At some point things will go amiss because “she said smack about her, while she wasn’t around.” It’s sad but let’s be honest, women talk! It’s like something that was imprinted in our species, men do it too but man girls are the worst! Women find anything to start talking about about a person, their hair, legs, face, skin, dress sense and even her man.

If your friend can tell you that they’ve never talked about you behind your back, whether good or badly then she’s lying. It’s hard to admit that you’ve said things before you were close to your Besty but chances are she’s said something too. It’s a vicious cycle but then you have those two faced females who start drama. Once things fizzle, they whisper how one said about the other.

That is why it is always said, choose your friends wisely ladies. Be in a friendship that challenges and builds you, that’s honest and loyal, that’s open and careful. If a person feels that it’s a one-sided effort to keep the friendship strong and beautiful then it’s not worth it. And also be weary of a friend who comes to tell you what another friend said about you, their participation will always be cut out.

So the question is, in a group setting, is it a wise decision to sit down and just spill the beans. Meaning, having a heart to heart with your friends about owning your part and the things you’ve said behind their backs and vice versa? Could this make or break the friendship or is keeping quiet and moving right along just the best option?

By: Zanele Mash

Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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