Types Of Sex You Have In Your 20s?

I came across an article about the 12 types of sex a person has in their twenties. After reading this I wonder how many people can actually relate?

Sex where you leave right after the deed because you like your own bed more

The sex was fine and everything but you have a pillow top mattress and well he has.. Whatever he calls it.

Sex so good you feel angry that all the past sexual experiences were crappy

How did I not know that orgasms like this exist? Cursed exes!

Period sex

Because you realise no one cares about your period and it doesn’t matter.

Dictatorship sex

After being shy to express what you want done and how, you finally have a voice and know exactly what makes your toes curl and aren’t afraid to say it, awesome!

“How are you this old and still be this bad at this,” sex

They say practice makes perfect, what the hell has this dude been doing all this time?

Sex in a comfortable bed

So amazing it will make up for that uncomfortable backseat.

Sex on incredibly nice sheets

You’ve never paid attention to sheets before but these ones are bomb!

Sex where the guy won’t come until he makes sure you do

This is, in many ways, the only appropriate kind of sex and now that your older you get it.

Sex with someone you actually love

Not some guy you have a crush on, not some dude you met at a bar, but a guy you’ve been in love with for years now and have slept with so many times you guys are pros. That kind of sex is unparalleled.

Sex that’s so good you might actually marry this person

Whoa. I can actually imagine having sex with you and just you for the rest of my life. That’s new.

Sex with toys that you laughed at in your teens

Haha, remember when we’d look at these vibrators and dildos and think they’re hilarious? Yeah, let’s use all these tonight because they’re amazing.

Sex that turns into a nap

It’s not just him falling asleep, it’s not you guys going again, it’s just both of you being like, “Cool, sex!” and falling asleep happily.

So there it is, interesting read.

Source: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/a31994/types-of-sex-you-have-in-your-late-20s/?src=spr_FBPAGE&spr_id=1440_103532707

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