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The Influence Of A Cheating Friend

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Water – Too Little Is Dangerous

We all grew up being told that you need a certain amount of water in your body. Realistically though, not a lot of people are drinking enough water. So many substitutions are made in place of water that a day

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20-Feel Free!

Fresh into a new year and haven’t spotted anyone mention resolutions? Does this mean we are past the whole idea or just decided to become a bit more realistic in our goal setting for the year? Well these are questions

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The Girls: Every Girl Throws Shade – True Or False?

What is shade? The urban dictionary describes it as “acting in a casual or disrespectful manner towards someone/dissing a friend.” Well sadly this is everyday life for a whole lot of women. We may not admit it but come on

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Would Life Be Easier If You Wore The Same Outfit Ever Day?

The complexity of choosing outfits everyday is a high for women. Although it can be frustrating, we completely feel satisfaction when the right outfit comes together. Yes, women put themselves through the worst just to look good. Different days come

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13 Things Guys Think About Missionary Sex

Missionary position is thee most comfortable sex that I’m pretty sure every woman prefers on any day. Yes we all like a little spontaneity every now and then but on those lazy days, missionary takes the award. Apparently men have

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Is Saving Possible In This Day?

Life seems to be getting expensive with every year. We find ourselves struggling to set aside money as the standard of living just keeps evolving. Maintaining a lifestyle has become superior to living within your means. I’ve heard people say

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