13 Things Guys Think About Missionary Sex

Missionary position is thee most comfortable sex that I’m pretty sure every woman prefers on any day. Yes we all like a little spontaneity every now and then but on those lazy days, missionary takes the award. Apparently men have a totally different outlook to missionary sex, read on and see for yourself.

1. Oh Great, We’re Having Sex

Sex is really what they are thinking of during the deed. Men feel like missionary is the bear trap of sex.

2. Are We going to stay in missionary the whole time?

There’s nothing inherently wrong with the missionary position, it’s still great but they just know things could be a lot better.

3. Am I crushing you?

This is probably not the case but the thought crosses their mind for a second.

4. My chest is sweaty and everything else is cold

Obviously the deed has been going on enough for the both of you to be heated. But his thoughts are with his backside getting cold because the covers were kicked off.

5. There’s no way you like my balls slapping against your butt like this

Guys don’t like it so naturally they assume women feel the same.

6. You know, we can do other stuff

Like, literally anything. Simple things like rolling over on the side makes a huge difference.

7. I can finish like this, but that doesn’t have to happen

We both can do better than this.

8. This is just.. This has been all me

All the work is done by them, it gets tiring.

9. Are you ok?

When there’s no movement from below, men worry they can’t tell if your comatose or something because of the missionary position.

10. Why didn’t we go with super lazy spooning sex?

Then at-least both parties would have done nothing and got pleasure.

11. Just throw in the towel

Men expect a straightforward “I’m tired” and cutting your cutting you losses on this one.


They can’t hump and keep their heads still at the same time.

13. Ok we are done, this is over

The most boring sex on the planet, but that would be assigning it any superlative.

There you have it ladies, Men really do not like missionary but accept it because women prefer it most of the time.

By: Zanele

Source: Cosmopolitan, Flipboard.

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