20-Feel Free!

Fresh into a new year and haven’t spotted anyone mention resolutions? Does this mean we are past the whole idea or just decided to become a bit more realistic in our goal setting for the year? Well these are questions I’ve been pondering upon since the year began.

This year is pretty significant for me personally because I believe I’ve found a new self worth. I have dealt with a lot of self inflicted negativity and it has taken me THIS long to realize it. For the first time in December in wrote down what I would like to achieve and thus far I have accomplished 2 items on the list. Basically it’s a matter of sitting down and acknowledging what you want to happen for you then executing with immediate action.

Waiting for a new year to start a project, plan or program is basically a waste of immediate time. I know it’s easier said than done but what happened to “what do I have to lose?” Nothing “worth it” ever comes easy.

Every year is special, make it yours and own it! Guaranteed there will be hurdles but what would life be without those struggles?

Looking forward to a blessed and liberating year.

Love & Light


Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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