Water – Too Little Is Dangerous

We all grew up being told that you need a certain amount of water in your body. Realistically though, not a lot of people are drinking enough water. So many substitutions are made in place of water that a day can actually pass without a glad of H2O. Well here’s a little reminder why we need to have a specific daily intake of water.

1. Your more likely to have health problems

Higher water intake has been proven to decrease chances of kidney stones, urinary and colon cancer as well as heart attacks.

2. No water = No metabolism revving

Positively hydrated bodies are more efficient therefore during testing hours your body’s metabolic rate is increased.

3. You’ll have to think harder to complete the same tasks

A dehydrated brain shrinks away from the skull. Meaning the more water you drink the better your brain functions.

4. You eat more

Drinking water before meals allows for fewer calorie intake.

5. You look more wrinkled

Water plumps up skin, rejuvenates complexion and fills lines.

6. You are in a bad mood

Being properly hydrated lessens chances moodiness, confusion and anger in pressure filled situations.

Hope this inspires a little more water drinking.

By: Zanele Mash

Source: Harpers Bazaar, Flipboard


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