Would Life Be Easier If You Wore The Same Outfit Ever Day?

The complexity of choosing outfits everyday is a high for women. Although it can be frustrating, we completely feel satisfaction when the right outfit comes together. Yes, women put themselves through the worst just to look good.

Different days come with different moods. And although we dress according to the mood we are in, sometimes we dress to cover up a bad mood. This all leads up to the pile of clothing on the bed and headaches. So wouldn’t it be easier to wear the same outfit differently all week? Or would this be the biggest disaster since Hurricane Katrina?

Say for instance you get one of your favorite dresses in a colour such as black (because it goes with everything). Styling it up with different accessories, shoes, scarfs and bags must be fun, only because it means you don’t need to go into your closet for anything else every morning. I mean to think that you can wear just one outfit that’s differently styled or accessorized must be a means of making life simpler?

Well the women I know beg to differ! I asked this question to a few ladies I know, the answer always came back the same, they would never be caught dead doing this. To an extent it’s understandable, an outfit is a statement. No woman wants to be known as “the one whose always in that.” A change of looks and styles is linked to confidence. Have you ever noticed how your ego is boosted when you get compliments? This basically means, someone is watching and notices.

As a challenge it would be interesting to see how women can cope an entire week in the same outfit without feeling judged. The question is, do our clothes define us or does personality still prevail?

By: Zanele

Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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