16 Things No One Tells You About Being A Young Mom

Watching Barney reruns and changing nappies isn’t exactly exciting. But in all honesty, your life doesn’t need to stop when you have a child in your early 20’s. I think what young women think is the end of their lives after the baby is actually just the beginning. 

Raising a child is a challenge, regardless of your age

When your younger it’s obvious you have fewer real life experiences, raising a child is the hardest thing you will ever do. I always thought someone older would be better equipped, but thinking about it, a woman whose 30years old and never had a child will experience hardships just as a younger lady. 

It doesn’t get “easier” 

The truth is, it doesn’t get easier or more difficult. Having a new born and going through breastfeeding schedules as well as the late night sessions was not easy. It’s also not easy when your child is a toddler, convincing them to eat their veggies or to eat at all as well as going to bed on a schedule. They go through phases and they are all challenging, they also will test your patience.

Babysitting experience doesn’t mean anything

Watching someone else’s child and taking care of your own newborn is absolutely not the same thing. Yes you’ve learnt a lot like how to earn a bottle and mixing formula but nothing prepares you for early morning wake up crying as well being vomitted on.

Its also not as scary as you think

You spend your entire pregnancy nervous more especially when your young, but once your baby arrives all that goes away.  It’s not easy but motherly duties and tasks become second nature it’s all a learning process, so it’s okay to feel a little overwhelmed and worried.

Having a child early can positively impact your career

Having to care for another person makes it harder to do things for yourself.  However, becoming a parent gives you motivation no one else understands.  At the end of the day you want to be a better person so that your child can have all they will ever need which pushes you to work ten times harder to get where you want to be.

Your circle of friends will likely change

Some of your friends most likely won’t be able to handle the change in your lifestyle therefore resulting in a drift.  And chances are that you’ll end up making new friends with moms that have children around the same age as your kid.

You stop caring about a lot of things that most twenty something’s care about

You tend to care less that your friend got herself a fancy new designer bag, priorities shift from selfish to selfless.

You learn how to budget

Childcare is no joke, a child costs a lot of money from the day their born.

You give a lot but you get so much more in return

You don’t have the freedom to come and go as you please anymore, but it’s nothing compared to watching a Disney movie and listening to your kid trying to sing along in baby talk. 

You eventually feel more confident about your body

Its not easy getting over the changes that take place with your body especially after your first child.  But with time you learn to appreciate your body and all the flaws you once saw become non-factors.

Balancing a successful career and motherhood as a young woman is empowering

Being a working mother means that you don’t get to spend as much time with your child as you’d like, but knowing that you juggle so much and still give them so much love and support they need is the most rewarding feeling ever.

It’s ok not to ask for advise from more experienced parents

There is no guide to parenting so you don’t always have to do what your mother did or other parents who’ve been at it for years.

But it’s also ok to ask for advice when you need it

Your young and new at this, there are 40 year old mothers who still ask for advice.

A lot of older moms don’t judge

Believe it or not, older moms actually want to talk about mommy things with your regardless of your age.  Most people who judge aren’t moms theme selves.

Your right to privacy is officially over

You won’t even be able to pee alone.

You still enjoy life

Do yo think your parents never went out? Yes, going out takes a whole lot more planning but it’s still very much possible.

Being a young mom is not the end of the world, changes happen but life goes on. 

By:  Zanele Mash

Source:  Cosmopolitan, Flipboard.

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