8 Love-life Experiences Every Woman Needs To Have Before Settling Down

Being the single one in a group of friends usually makes one feel like love is trending in the entire world and you weren’t invited to the party.  But this may not be necessarily the case when times are a little tight in a relationship and you start thinking of what you missed in your single days.  Some things are best experienced when single, time alone just might be the best of all time. Here’s a few things to try.

1.  Travel Solo

Going to a foreign place by yourself is just the right mix of exhilarating and scary that will help you grow as a person without terrifying the bejeezus out of you!

2.  Have a fling

A romance with a deadline.  Something to pack your time together and make lovely memories and orgasms! 

3.  Date two guys at once

You don’t have to have sex with them both if you don’t want to. But juggling two guys will give you a colossal confidence boost. It proves your in demand.

4.  Be with someone totally different from your type

If you usually go for a certain type of guy, maybe it’s time to just date out of your box.  Experimenting with different kinds of men will help you narrow down what really works for you, which may be opposite of what you thought at first.

5.  Multiple orgasms

Or at least be with someone who will try his dam eat to make you achieve them.  And if the rest of him looks as good as that feels, who knows, he might be the one to settle down with.

6.  Have a heart-wrenching breakup

It’s awful, but going through a cant eat, can’t sleep breakup teaches you so many important lessons:  how far you’ll go for love, that sometimes love just isn’t enough and that your stronger than you realize.  

7.  Live with your best friend 

You’ll never get the chance again.  Unless you you guys make a pact to move in together when your 90 and both your husbands are gone.

8.  And then live alone

It’s so important to have a space that all your own and get comfortable with truly being yourself. Not only will it make you more interesting, it can make you more self assured.

So there you have it single ladies, make the most of the time and live!

By:  Zanele Mash

Source:  Flipboard, Glamour

Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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