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What Is Toxic Shock Syndrome?

The monthly visitor women have is never really welcome but much appreciated sometimes. Most women are lucky enough to not have menstrual pains at the beginning of their periods, and some, are just unfortunate and get the worst end of

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Should He Take You Ring Shopping?

Im pretty sure that most women have an idea of what kind of ring their partner should propose with. For a woman, it’s pretty simple what they want in an engagement ring because once we see it we know its

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The Reason Why Women See Each Other As Threats – Blame The Hormones

At some point in a woman’s life this will happen; you meet another woman for whatever reason and you just get an awkward feeling about her. You can’t really put your finger on it or fully understand it, but you

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21-Day Sugar and Carb Diet

We have a choice to eat exactly what we want in this day and age; food plays a major role in the functionality of our bodies on a daily basis.  How often do you sit down and think about what

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Fashion – Insta Pix

Individual style is the sexiest look on a woman.  We have taken a few looks from Instagram that are surely worth trying out this month. The following ladies make pretty look so easy:  Tshepi Vundla (@tshepivundla)   Norma Gigaba (@mrs_gigabyte)

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