21-Day Sugar and Carb Diet

We have a choice to eat exactly what we want in this day and age; food plays a major role in the functionality of our bodies on a daily basis.  How often do you sit down and think about what you are consuming when you have a demanding job? It’s very easy to end up consuming a great deal of junk food for energy throughout the day.

A good diet requires careful consideration of what is known as “healthy food.”  Low fat foods are not the answer when you are trying to eat right; the lack of certain nutrients is replaced by something else.  So what exactly are we supposed to be eating and letting go of, in order to say we are nourishing out systems properly? 

Lowering and eventually cutting out of sugar and bread can have a tremendous effect on your body.  It’s important to have carbs in your diet so substituting is always the best option when you are considering changing you’re diet.

So ladies for March challenge yourselves with the 21 day challenge of no sugar and carbs.

By Zanele

Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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