Should He Take You Ring Shopping?

Im pretty sure that most women have an idea of what kind of ring their partner should propose with. For a woman, it’s pretty simple what they want in an engagement ring because once we see it we know its “the one.” For the man buying the ring, its a complicated, stressful and most of the time a complete shot in the dark that could easily be a total crew up. Picking out the perfect ring for a man requires an in-depth knowledge of what his woman would fall involve with. In order to get the ring you want, would you go engagement ring shopping with your man?

Shopping for a ring together will suck away the proposal surprise; so should men propose without a ring to avoid disappointing their woman? There are pros and cons to consider before going ring shopping together:
Pro: She will get the ring she wants

Con: Its a romantic root canal
PRO: She will feel empowered

CON: It adds to the wedding financial cost stress
PRO: Window shopping allows you to avoid pressure

CON: Its not traditional
PRO: It will reduce the mans stress

CON: Its irreversible
In the age of the internet, spending time with your man while you’re pinning on Pinterest is probably the best way to ensure he knows exactly what you like. Whether you prefer a proposal without a ring and later go shopping with him, or awaiting a surprise that might disappoint you is completely your choice. It is important to make sure that your man has a slight idea of what you would like through subtle hints.
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