The Reason Why Women See Each Other As Threats – Blame The Hormones

At some point in a woman’s life this will happen; you meet another woman for whatever reason and you just get an awkward feeling about her. You can’t really put your finger on it or fully understand it, but you know that you just don’t like her. A new study has found that women who have shown high oestrogen levels tend to think that other women who are ovulating are trying to steal their shine.  

Our hormones undoubtedly have a huge influence on our lives, but there isn’t a reason why we have to become slaves to them. Treating another woman negatively due to hormones is not a good way to start a friendship or interaction. The more we understand how our hormones can affect the female body – the better able we will be to minimize their negative effects and enhance their positive ones.
Hormones are believed to be the reason that women would rather be frenemies than true friends. When women dislike each other for no reason, it often builds up to us tearing each other down. A heightened oestrogen level may result in defence, but oxytocin is (a hormone released when people bond or show affection to one another) released to promote stress reduction and relaxation. This just means that to increase social intelligence, trust and generosity, we should make a choice that will not burn bridges.
Our brains’ decision to trust or mistrust someone are affected by our biological friendship expectations; sometimes we look for friends that will benefit us in some way. All-in-all, women expect a lot from their friendships with other women which is why we should be careful of how we relate.
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