Booties – My Favourites This Winter!

This years winter has actually been quite lovely for me, even though I still hate the season.  I walk a lot (irrespective of not having a car), so being comfortable and getting to where I need to looking cute, and not having to worry about my feet hurting is one hell of a bonus!

So comfort is a major factor for me when I buy shoes, this winter I went with flat booties.  Obviously finding the most stylish and completely comfortable ones that don’t slip and slide was my main goal.  The hunt began (and is still on) for a range of the best boots this winter.  

Rage SA has one of the best range of boots this year. I found the cutest boots that really match with all my winter outfits. These booties can pass off as a classic shoe, be worn with jeans or a formal pant, a dress or leggings.   

If you are looking for affordable, sexy and plush boots this winter, I suggest you go check out Rage.


By:  Zanele Mash

Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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