Spring In 2016

So we are well into spring and I for have not felt like its spring.  We have cold days inbetween which completely confuses me because usually this is a time we go out for picnics in shorts.  Uncertainty is sparked when you you know it’s time for change but the situation hasn’t necessarily moved towards the change.  Although the weather is not acting accordingly, I have made changes this year.  I have decided that it’s a time to forgive and move on, start afresh! 
This season represents a rebirth of many things, flowers are blooming and it’s genuinely a mood enhancer.  I also realized that this year has taught me to sit back and think about everything that’s changing in a positive light.  I’ve taken a holistic approach to change, I’ve moved to new opportunities, goals are starting to align with reality and relationships have bloomed for sure.  Spring naturally makes one reflect, get a renewed attitude and let go.

A fresh start isn’t easy for everyone, but it’s worth it if you’ve had a roller coaster year.  Now is the time to actually start implementing your thoughts and changes, a small step towards a dream is sure to open a door and begin a ripple effect of progress.  Take that one goal right now and just run with it, face challenges headon and make things happen!  

I truly believe that it’s never too late to carry out whatever plans you intended the beginning of this year; it just takes commitment, time and effort.

Love & Light


Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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