Editors Note – Hello 2017, Let’s Play!

Compliments of the New Season Ladies😊
The freshness of a new year is something everyone feels, irrespective of how the previous year actually ended. Everyone is pretty much in high spirits and geared up to start moulding their year ahead. What exactly are we looking forward to this year? Is setting goals and planning still a “thing” or does that only hinder growth on a more natural path?  

I read an article that said that, we need to stop thinking and placing the negatives above the positives. For instance, when you sit down to write your resolutions down have you ever wondered why you find it so hard to fulfill that list? It’s because our minds are so used to wanting to do less of so much and we never actually put down what we want to do more in the new year. I realized that I’m guilty of this, because the most popular word on my resolutions list is “stop.” 

We have grown so accustomed to finding happiness by thinking of we lessen we are bound to automatically increase elsewhere in our lives. I think it’s time we looked more into doing what makes us happy which will then in return help us achieve the less we also want to get rid of.  

Make this year the year you choose to pull yourself together and actually follow through, see what happens when you actually don’t procrastinate or doubt yourself. You have nothing to lose (except that weight) by starting that diet plan you always wanted to try. Or by simply registering your own company just to see how far you can take it. I truly believe this is the year of more and yes, be proud and go out to make those dreams come true!

Happy New Year!*

Love & Light*


Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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