5 Things Every Woman Must Have Realised At 25

Reaching the quarter century milestone comes with a great deal of growth for young women; it is the time we actually realise that we are 100% adult.  At 25 most young ladies are working and making their own money, have their own place and doing their own laundry, buying groceries and supporting family.  independence actually starts to feel good when your making your big life decisions and being responsible at the same time, you start realising what was important a year ago is not really a major factor in the time your are living in now.

Introspection becomes a regular feature as you become a little wiser and take notice of all the decisions your make as well as making adult choices.  So what exactly have you learnt on the journey to adulthood?

1.     Family is everything

Growing up this is something we hear in repetition from our parents and all other grown ups we encounter; only now does

it make sense why it was drilled into our heads.  spending some time away from home and family due to studying and

starting “grown up” life reminds you why you always thought of your mom as superwoman, why your siblings will always

have your back, how much your parents sacrificed and how hard they worked to give your the comfortable life you had

growing up.  Knowing that you will always have somewhere to go and be showered with unconditional love waiting for

you is a priceless thought.

2.     The smaller your circle, the lesser your stress

Since varsity you learn that not everyone who calls you “besty” on social media is a true friend in the real world.  Not every

one who posts collages of your photos together on instagram are people you can count on.  You come to a point where

you even delete most of the people you assumed where friends leaving only the realest people in your real life.

3.     God is an amazing God

You learn that through Him all things are possible.  Reaching the point that you are at is through His guidance whether you

planned it that way or he made it that way for you.  Surrounding everything to God and having Him in your heart makes

everything ok.

4.     Your lover is your best-est friend

Yes there is an occasional want to have girl talk and girlfriend time but its not a need because ultimately you have that one

person by your side who remains constant and will have “girl talk” with you even at 2am in the morning.  The very person

you call your boyfriend is the person you have the utmost confidence in.  You learn that there is no point in hiding the most

authentic part of you from him and his the one person whose stuck with you through thick and thin. (This is applicable to a

genuine relationship not a hook-up).

5.     You will never be truly ready

Things are not really easier the 2nd or 3rd time you do them nor will you be truly ready to change and evolve.  You learn to embrace the situations you find yourself in and pray they work out for the best.

At the age of 25 most women are independent and are ready to start aligning their lives with their future visions and goals.  As much as life takes a turn for the serious, it is important to remember to still have fun and enjoy life.

By:  Zanele Mash

Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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