Style – Does Dressing Up Make You Productive?

woman-868534_1280Various industries have given women the opportunity to dress a bit more comfortable, as long as it’s decent and respectable then you’re good to go. Unfortunately, this has begun a trend that has turned many ladies lazy when it comes to putting an outfit together that screams “I’m on a journey to being the most successful.” The Pride that used to come with actually caring about our appearance seems to have left women in a state of mediocracy.

The blame does not completely fall on employees, the culture of the office space also seems to encourage lazy or casual dressing. The real issue here is when your productivity at work is hindered by your representation. Does dressing up for work make you more productive or is casual less restrictive and more beneficial.

Clothes influence our alertness. This means that in our minds, we are prone to be more focused when we feel and look professionally smart compared to when you are dressed down. It’s evident that workplace clothing affects productivity to a certain extent and this woman-613309_1280obviously differs from person to person.

Being comfortable and confident in how you dress and knowing that it’s how you represent yourself and the company you work for is all you have to consider.

Do you think your appearance reflects your work?


By:  Zanele Mash

Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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