Are You Part of Generation Exhausted? are living in a time where we are taking on a variety of projects and working on overdrive; stress is bound to be at an all-time high.  Burnout has become a normal diagnosis for the modern day professional. It is a loose term used for chronic stress, exhaustion and lack of motivation.  Are you one of those people that feel like life seems long, are you tired and can’t resist saying “yes” to one more thing to do or achieve.  Do you find yourself multitasking your life away?

Burnout has been often confused with adrenal fatigue because the symptoms  are alike in context of our neurobiological energy system.  We have overpowered our bodies and systems so much that they are confused about what’s going on with them. 

The following are the three top signs/symptoms of a burnout:

  • Exhaustion
  • Distancing yourself from specific activities
  • Reduced performance

Burnout is a serious and very common condition that is experienced mostly by creative professionals.  The fast-paced and deadline driven creative industries tend to push people to the limit. Some people thrive from the adrenalin rush of pressure, not realizing that it could beat their entire system into a pulp.

We need to start listening to our bodies and stop putting our bodies in situations that promote exhaustion.  The compulsion to prove oneself differs significantly to working hard.  

By:  Zanele Mash



Fierce, Fun-loving and Funky!

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